Mission Ready,
Static Site Solution

Easily deploy static sites on a secure
CI/CD pipeline system

Explore Our Padawan Docs site to learn how to build a static site from a Developer's perspective

Deploy Anywhere

Developers can quickly deploy static site content and have it accessible from a dso.mil url.

Environment levels include IL2 (public access), IL2 SSO (behind Platform One SSO), IL4 (behind Platform One SSO), or IL5 (behind Platform One SSO).

Quick. Easy. Secure.

Start building your site with a 90% solution on day 1. Get the benefits of building on a CtF
compliant system so that you can focus on your sites content, look, and requirements.

Flexible Deployment Process

Tailored CI/CD solutions for your unique team. Select from a range of deployment types to seamlessly integrate into your staging and production processes. We work with the way site developers want to work instead of against them.

List of Pipeline Templates chevron_right

Pre-Built Templates

Accelerate your project's launch with our extensive selection of pre-built templates. Choose from a variety of sample repositories tailored for different pipeline packages. Options include Hugo, Jekyll, MkDocs, npm, and Vanilla.

Example Repos chevron_right

Site Hosting and DNS

Experience reliability and seamless performance as we provide secure and scalable hosting coupled with custom domain name solutions.

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Multi-level Deployment Options

Showcase your site information exactly the way you want it to be seen. Our deployment options range from open to the public to locked behind SSO authentication.

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How It's Done


Static Site Code

First step is obtaining (creating/copying/etc) a static site and having its source code in GitLab.


Package Type

Choose from a variety of sample repositories (pre-built templates) based on the kind of site you're trying to build.


Deployment Process

Choose how you want the staging and production CI/CD deployment processes for your site to be executed.


Repo Configuration

Complete the steps for configuring your site source code repository in GitLab.

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