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A solution to build, deploy, and host static sites via a secure CI/CD pipeline system

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The Padawan static sites solution aims to help developers quickly deploy static site content and have it accessible from a url as a public site in IL2, or with SSO required at multiple Impact Levels (IL2, IL4, IL5).

The idea is that Platform one customers who need a static site can have a set of pipeline templates hosted in the Mission Application Staging/Production clusters to serve up static sites. We get the CTF on the “system” once, then customers can focus on their static site content, look/feel, and requirements. Party Bus provides the hosting and DNS so customers don't have to worry about the infrastructure.

To gain an immediate perspective into the entire Padawan Process, view the Padawan Slick Sheet

Reach out to us in the Padawan Help Channel for any questions or ideas for improvements!

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